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About Me

I have always been a Halloween enthusiast, and was always involved in my own yard haunt or volunteering to help at other professional ones. I was a regular on several Halloween related forums, and created a long thread on with a step-by-step guide on how to make a 3 axis skull like the one I first designed. A number of years ago, I was running my home haunt and really wanted to add some animated 3 axis skulls to 'liven things up' a bit. When I went online to try and find some to buy, I was discouraged that I couldn't find any I could afford, so I decided to design and make my own.


Why Choose Halloween Skulls?

  • For the Realistic Look

  • Because you get the Highest Quality Available

  • For the Unmatched Customer Service. We are not happy until You are happy.

  • Because more of what you need is INCLUDED with our skull. You are not forced to buy lots of 'Extras' that are really necessities.

  • For the Unparalleled Design. The best new design in the business!

  • Oh, yes... Don't forget the Great Price!

There are lots of good reasons for choosing Halloween Skulls for your next amazing Halloween prop. It's time to step it up a notch with the most realistic, highest quality 3 axis skulls available today. We take care of our customers and make sure they are up and running when they need to be. If there's an issue we answer the phone. You will talk directly to the owner of the business and the designer of this skull. If there's a problem, we'll get you back in business right away. We will do whatever we have to do to earn your business.

Please review this Information Sheet before making a purchase to be sure you understand our warrantee, what is included with your purchase, and what you will need to buy separately for this skull to operate. We know you don't want any surprises when it comes to spending your money. Thank you.

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